Minecraft Server

Java Version only (updated somewhat regularly)

We've finally built a working permanent place to play Minecraft as a community! Feel free to use this server to play by yourself or with friends. It's a very simple no-PVP survival server with some basic plugins to keep things smooth and fun.

if the server needs updated just let me know on instagram or discord

  • • No PVP or sabotoging other players
  • • Keep the chat clean and tasteful
  • • No griefing
  • • No cheating
  • • Claim your land to protect it
  • • Don't complain about the server
  • /chatcolor [color] to set color
  • /chatcolor [#HEXCODE] to set color
  • /msg [user] to message
  • /ignore [user] to mute
  • /unignore [user] to unmute

  • /tpa [user] to teleport
  • /sethome [name] to set a home
  • /delhome [name] to remove a home
  • /home [name] to go to a home
  • /home bed to go home

  • check land by using a stick
  • claim land by using a golden shovel
  • /trust [user] to trust completely
  • /containertrust [user] for chests
  • /accesstrust [user] for doors
  • /untrust [user] to remove trust
  • /untrust all to remove all trusts
  • /abandonClaim to delete claim
  • /abandonAllClaims to remove all claims
  • /claimExplosions to toggle TNT

Community Creations

If you build something cool on the server feel free to post a picture on Discord, email us, or DM us and we'll feature it here!